Getting Started

Here is your guide to get a hang of creating an account, setting up your wallet and everything you can do on TMC.

Pre-requisite: You must have a registered account on MemeChat in order to use TMC marketplace.

You need a crypto wallet now.

Metamask Wallet:
  • Your "Metamask" wallet will store your Matic, and carry on transactions on the Polygon blockchain.
  • A unique Metamask wallet address will be created and you will use this address to complete all your transactions.
  • Click here to know how to create and fund your Metamask wallet.
So…now you have your Metamask wallet installed. You can now connect your wallet address to TMC, i.e., using this wallet, you will create your account on TMC.

Using your Metamask wallet, you will create your account on TMC. Here is how!
  • "Sign Up" via your registered MemeChat account. If you don't have a MemeChat account, you have an option to "Register".
  • You will then be prompted to connect your Metamask wallet. Click "Connect Wallet".
  • Choose your account on Metamask.
  • Click "Allow" for Metamask to connect to the website.
  • Your TMC account is created.

  • You can acquire "Matic", our digital currency that drives transactions on the "Polygon" blockchain, from "Binance", the digital currency exchange.
  • You will need Matic to mint and purchase an NFT. It is also used for gas fees to complete transactions.
  • You can send this Matic from your Binance account to your Metamask wallet.
Woah! You are all set! Welcome to the club! A club that has some cool and exclusive meme NFTs. Enjoy creating, selling and buying NFTs on TMC.